Proceedings of Acoustics 2016:
The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies Conference

9-11 November 2016
Brisbane, Australia


Welcome to the Proceedings of ACOUSTICS 2016. This volume contains papers presented at the Second Joint Conference of The Australian Acoustical Society and The Acoustical Society of New Zealand, held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in November 2016. The conferences of the Australian Acoustical Society and The Acoustical Society of New Zealand have a long history and have developed as important fora for the dissemination of information relating to the science and practice of acoustics in Australasia.

The response to the call for papers from the acoustical community was outstanding. Over 180 abstracts were submitted for inclusion in the ACOUSTICS 2016 technical program. These covered a broad range of areas of acoustics and vibration. Many were submitted for topics in architectural acoustics and building services acoustics. Other major topics, included in the call for papers, for which abstracts were received, included aeroacoustics, wind turbine acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine bioacoustics, marine platforms, railway noise and vibration and road transport. Abstracts concerned with fundamentals of acoustics and vibration were also received. The abstract review committee reviewed the abstracts received and authors whose proposals were accepted for the conference were invited to submit full papers. The larger Technical Review Committee, which included over 80 academics and professionals active in acoustics and vibration, reviewed the full papers. Each paper was reviewed by two to three members of the Committee. After the outcome of the reviewing process, the final technical program for the conference included 126 papers.

Thirteen workshop panel discussion sessions were included in the conference technical program. These ranged across a broad range of topics spanning the scope of the Conference. In addition, three Short Courses entitled, "Classroom Acoustics - How Innovative Learning Environments are Changing the Educational Playing Field", "Sound Perception - Application to Acoustic Practice and Design" and "Noise Control Hints and Success" were held in conjunction with the conference. Two Technical Tours were included in the Conference Program. One technical tour took the participants to the St Lucia Campus of The University of Queensland to visit the University's Centre for Hypersonics. The other tour was a guided tour of some venues around the South Bank Parklands which have interesting acoustical properties.

The editors of these proceedings would like to thank all authors for their efforts in preparing their papers. Thanks also, go to the members of the technical review committee for their assistance in reviewing the large number of manuscripts received; their efforts are greatly appreciated.

As these proceedings are being published prior to the Conference, we look forward to an exciting technical program and to a successful ACOUSTICS 2016.

Ian Hillock
David Mee

November 2016

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Subtitle: The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies Conference
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The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies' Conference
Name of Conference Acoustics 2016: The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies' Conference
Publisher The Australian Acoustical Society
Queensland Division
Publication format USB key
Editors Ian D.M. Hillock and David J. Mee
Location of Conference Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date of Conference 9-11 November 2016

Proof of peer review

Each of the manuscripts accepted to 'ACOUSTICS 2016: The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies' Conference' was reviewed by at least two members of a technical review panel comprising of more than 80 members. The review panel comprised of a scientific committee, who typically reviewed multiple papers and a wider referee panel, who generally reviewed two to three papers. The names of referees were kept anonymous from the authors. The referees reviewed the papers to ensure they were of high standard for the conference and provided written feedback on the quality of the manuscripts. Where doubt remained after this process, the papers were reviewed by the technical review committee chairman and other members of the scientific committee. The referee criteria included: technical content, originality, clarity, English expression, technical significance. Papers were matched where possible to referees in the same field with similar interests and area of expertise as the authors. Authors were advised to make all changes recommended by the reviewers, or provide the editor with a technical justification for not making particular changes. The responses from authors were then reviewed by the editors.

The organising committee wishes to thank all members of the technical review committee and the authors for their cooperation and time to enable the review process to occur.

Technical Review Committee

Editors: David Mee and Ian Hillock

Scientific Committee

Alec Duncan Craig McPherson
David Borgeaud Martin Veidt
James Heddle Nicole Kessissoglou
Michael Caley Stuart Camp
Michael Hayne Terry McMinn
Norm Broner Xiaojun Qiu


Adrian Jones Dave Anderson John Leis Paul Meehan
Alec Duncan Dave Davis John McPherson Peter Alway
Alex Marchuk David Borgeaud Kam Lo Pietro Borghesani
Alex Zinoviev David Mee Kristy Hansen Rachel Foster
Alexei Kouzoubov David Spearritt Kym Burgemeister Rebecca Dunlop
Anthony Zander Doug Cato Luke Zoontjens Rhys Brown
Antoine David Emma Charlton Marion Burgess Richard Devereux
Beau Weyers Frank Henry Mark Kanowski Russell Brown
Ben Hall George Dodd Mark Simpson Sasho Temelkoski
Bill Daniel Gillian Adams Marshall Hall Sheikh Mahbub Alam
Binghui Li Glen Copelin Martin Veidt Stephen Chiles
Cameron Hough Grant Emms Matt Terlich Stephen Pugh
Chris Schulten Iain Parnum Matthew Fishburn Stuart Camp
Chris Turnbull Ian Hillock Michael Caley Terry McMinn
Christophe Delaire Ian MacCulloch Michael Hayne Tom Evans
Claire Richardson James Forrest Michael Kingan Valeri Lenchine
Colin Tickell James Heddle Miles Parsons Warwick Williams
Con Doolan James Whitlock Neil Huybregts Wayne Wilson
Craig Beyers Jeff Parnell Neil Mackenzie Xia Pan
Craig McPherson Jie Pan Nicole Kessissoglou Xiaojun Qiu
Danielle Moreau John Davy Norm Broner Zhongxiao Peng

Acoustics 2016 Organisation

Congress Chair Michael Hayne
Congress Deputy Chair James Whitlock
Technical Review Committee Chair Ian Hillock
Congress Treasurer Claire Richardson
Congress Secretary Richard Devereux
Organising Committee David Mee
Michael Caley
David Borgeaud
Roger Hawkins
Matthew Terlich
Steve Lyons
Editors of Conference Proceedings Ian D.M. Hillock
David J. Mee
Exhibition Coordinator Norm Broner

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